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Luxury Limited Edition of 150 books within a Clamshell box, each one with a different, signed, original drawing by Mr Leffel (not a giclée or print), plus a 20 pages booklet “Other Self-Portraits” showing other paintings (portraits, still life and landscapes) that are not in the Regular Edition.
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An inspiring journey into painting through the brush of one of the major artists of our time, a journey that represents what may be the most mysterious but nevertheless closest subject matter existing for an artist, one’s own self. Throughout his extensive career as a painter, David A Leffel has approached every aspect of the trade with masterly conviction—still life, portraits, the nude, landscapes—although in his own terms, “Every painting is a self-portrait,” it is within the self-inquiry of these paintings that the fundamentals of his art are best described.

A 12 x 10.5 inches hardcover book, 160 Pages with more than 150 illustrations from his Self-Portrait work, close-ups, personal photos and stories regarding this “insightful journey” of an artist’s life.